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Startup Wise Guys BusinessTech Winter '16

Program Wrap-up

The founders in Startup Wise Guys BusinessTech Winter 2016 - our 6th program and 2nd CEED Tech collaboration - 'enjoyed' face to face sessions with over 80 mentors in Tallinn and London.

The mentors and workshop leads they range from startup warrior founders to corporate partners and institutional investors. A third were active investors and they joined us from over 20 countries.

As always, we had a heavy focus on business model validation and sales as well as building products that are a pleasure to use.

All the teams raced ahead during the program and are going even faster now.

Team Updates


Convert 75% more leads and deals from your website.

CallPage generates immediate callbacks to your website visitors to turn them into happy customers.

Grew from $250 MRR to $5000 MRR during the program, expanding from the Polish market to the US and wider Europe. Now fundraising to grow even faster.


Cheaper, faster and more transparent foreign exchange services: 8x lower cost; twice as easy.

Kuan is a UK-Hong Kong based P2P money transfer platform for small businesses trading between Europe and Asia. 

Kuan refined their market focus, launched and proved their platform with initial payments validating it and their value proposition. They also extended their team to improve marketing and back office operations. They went on the Startup Sauna in Helsinki to boost their profile with European investors already connected with China.


Construction sites organised!

Leansite is a simple application for construction site management and team collaboration.

Leansite completed and tested their MVP and caught the eyes of a number of construction companies who are now paying customers. They are now increasing sales and preparing for a fundraising round in autumn this year.


Publicfast is the easiest way for brands to find and start working with real influencers on social networks.

During spring, Publicfast expanded from the CIS to the US and Europe. MRR passed $10,000 which the US growing fastest. Their team is now expanding in New York and they are fundraising to push even harder.


RateChain connects local car rental suppliers with global sales partners. With a simple API and portal RateChain makes it easy for both sides to integrate and increase revenue.

During spring RateChain raced from almost nothing to a fully launched product with eight local suppliers connecting to some of the biggest online broker brands. Subsequently they have continued connecting suppliers and expect to launch new brokers shortly. Currently fundraising.


The internet service provider for the transportation industry.

RebelRoam provides internet access for your coaches, buses, trains, trucks and boats.

RebelRoam moved rapidly from pre-product to 200+ buses installed and paying. They operate in over 37 countries and are achieving 50% monthly growth with this month hitting €30k.


Hassle-free international shipping services at affordable prices.

Shipitwise is a platform to help businesses with their travelling customers

Shipitwise went from idea to full service launch with a complete team in place. They iterated quickly and now have a working business model and a Europe-wide logistics partner network. They also launched the first crowdfunding campaign on Funderbeam attracting over €200k. They are now raising complementary angel investment to blow this rocket.


Create IT documentation in minutes, not hours!

Create clear IT instructions, step-by-step tutorials and technical documentation describing software-based procedures easier and faster with StepShot

StepShot pivoted from an established one-time licence model to subscription to ensure all customers receive the latest features. They are now working on a collaboration platform and increasing support for consultants struggling to document their ERP deployments. They have seen significant interest from angel and institutional investors and have a 6-figure angel commitment already in place.


TeamScope helps organisations hire culturally compatible people using a team analytics dashboard.

TeamScope reveals the  collaborative potential of a team  by showing how personalities and  values of its members fit together  and how to improve team  performance.

The team moved from idea to beta during spring, with over 60 pilot customers internationally.

Currently fundraising for US expansion.

Wolfprint 3D

Wolfprint 3D is creating a database of personalised 3D content for the VR/AR and gaming  markets.

Their first channel is a network of 3D scanners in the  tourism industry. Our product is an automatic 3D scanner booth: Luna 3D.

Wolfprint 3D shipped their first scanner during spring and now has over 1000 3D scans in their database. Film studios and sports merchandisers in the US are in love with the product with most investment interest coming from Asia.

What next?

SWG is expanding. We've opened applications to our new B2B program in Riga, Latvia in partnership with Lattelecom.

We continue to work closely with our alumni and expect to announce some great news soon!

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