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Recap: 5 CEE Ecosystems

The CEE is home to many beautiful old towns and rich with history. However, tomorrow’s history will have to include today’s innovation. Here is a short ecosystem recap from each of our partners.


Even though Budapest became the No.1. capital in the EU in terms of per capital venture capital in the past 5 years, startups are the newest and least understood form of business in the Hungarian landscape.

"The Hungarian startup scene is like a good goulash in the making: all the ingredients are in there, starts to “smell” real but it is still cooking."


Events are king in Lithuania. Silicon Valley Comes to the Baltics, Startup Weekend, Login Startup Fair, and Barcamp are just a few of hundreds of events aiming to foster the entrepreneurial mind in recent years.


Skype has inspired an entire startup revolution in a country with just 1 million people but the rest of the world is taking notice. Investments have come from many top international names such as; Sir Richard Branson, Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, Index Ventures, Matrix Partners. Estonia, while small, is agile and already scaling on the global market and a great bridge to the rest of Europe.

Czech Republic:

Homegrown players include AVG and Avast, both companies in IT security valued over $1b. Way more information in an awesome Slideshare here


Slovakia has a very long innovation culture and Slovaks historically invented several innovative products including helicopter or parachute. More recently Slovak engineers routinely ace finals of international coding competitions including Google Code Jam.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out each country in further detail on the CEED tech news section!
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