Open Coffee Club Vilnius

Open Coffee Club Vilnius is an entrepreneurs-enabling organization based in Vilnius, Lithuania. We have a wide scope of activities and expertise, but our main strength lies in the ability to connect owners, developers and investors to help their ideas grow. For your Startup we offer an intensive three-month long program built on mentorship and networking.

CEED tech accelerator

OCC Vilnius runs an acceleration program that follows in the spirit of TechStars model of shape-build-sell, but adopted to startup stage and region. On top of loads of relevant mentors, product development advice and team building assistance, our main selling point is attracting follow-on investors and assisting with the often challenging fundraising process.


Most importantly, our broad national and foreign partnerships and multifold activities allowed us to gather an exceptional network of mentors. You will receive support on reaching any target you set for your Startup. We have successfully assisted hundreds of Startups so far, driving them towards raising capital, developing a business model, gathering a team, winning international competitions, and to various other goals.


Aside from CEED Tech,OCC Vilnius runs a number of pan-European projects that make it an active part of the European startup ecosystem. You will be able to use this network and connects with some of the most incredible mentors and startups from around the continent.


OCC Vilnius is a hub for the Lithuanian Startup Scene. We host thematic meetups for founders, investors, developers and aspiring entrepreneurs. For you these will provide a number of opportunities to meet investors, share knowledge and get feedback on your project.

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