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Meet CEED Tech's Startups - Part 1

Let's meet a part of our cohort on a deeper level

You’ve already met CEED Tech 2 exciting and diverse cohort. Now it’s time to get close and personal with them by understanding how they see the life itself!

This time we’ll be featuring 8 teams across the cohort: CallPage, Dropbyke, Duo Money, Everrip, Kuan, Klear, Leansite & Shupito.

First, everyone wants to know if there’s a possibility the startup would let them invest into them. Here’s what those teams look for.

  • Shupito jokes they’d prefer one wearing a Hawaiian shirt. But on a serious note, they’d like to find an investor that wouldn’t just give them money, but would also make their hands dirty. Wouldn’t we all?

  • Kuan likes investors that are happy to speak with startups before investing into them, like Tim Jacksons.

  • Duo Money would love to have Peter Thiel or Elon Musk on board. But unfortunately they haven’t drunk the “Bitcoin Kool-Aid” yet. Therefore William Mougayar or Fred Wilson would be a better fit.

  • Hardi Meybaum is the top choice for Leansite. Because of the industry knowledge of course.

  • Klear would rather pick an angel with connections to big funding pools connected with improving social inclusion. E.g. Enclude Solutions.!? Clear choice!

  • CallPage's dream is to get Peter Thiel. Because he knows how to help startups grow into a big company that changes the world.

  • But Travis Kalanick’s the best choice for Dropbyke. Go Uber!

  • Everrip guys are a bunch of serious boys looking for an investor that gives money without taking equity.

Second, let’s dig deep into which startups do those guys envy the most. This way we’ll know where their road is leading them.

  • Sharing economy is huge. For example FlightCar that replaces expensive airport parking with car sharing is a great idea for Shupito.

  • Kuan’s all about disrupting, as their favourite startup: Storj. They disrupted and decentralized the cloud storage business.

  • DuoMoney has them listed in their pocket: OpenBazaar, Ethereum, Augur and Zcash.

  • Pipedrive re-engineered the sales business. Leansite’s doing the same in construction.

  • Klear loves Rate Setter. Peer-to-peer, like them. Destined to become very big in the UK soon.

  • Intercom has a similar mission as boys at CallPage - that’s why they like them the most.

  • Dropbyke doesn’t stop at this company's CEO. They also just love Uber.

  • No joking for Everrip. They only like themselves!

But whenever you meet those guys, help them find an answer to the following:

  • Where do you see yourself in five years? - Shupito.

  • How to inspire the best talents for work with us? - CallPage.

  • Any question they don’t have an answer to yet - DuoMoney.

  • Is the construction industry ready for the ground-breaking future with Leansite?

  • How to engage communities to boost our growth? & How to convince the rejected applicants to engage with our Financial Education tools? - Klear.

  • What is trust? - Kuan.

  • How to influence people to use healthy transport like bikes? - Dropbyke.

  • Who is the God? - Everrip.

Btw, they also know how to crush the competition:

  • Shupito will redefine what “the best” is and will get this title from

  • Kuan won’t crush, but will simply make a better future with the others.

  • DuoMoney will have a better UX and a bold marketing strategy to go past Coinbase.

  • CallPage will acquire Live Chat in 10 years.

  • Klear takes a holistic, long term and win-win approach for their clients to take their share from the banks in general.

  • Leansite takes on stagnating convictions by providing a powerful web solution.

  • Dropbyke will provide a better service to take on small bike rentals.

  • Everrip won’t crush ForeverMissed, but will just compare.

Last but not least: Would you rather drink room temperature coffee or attend the same networking event, every day, for the rest of 2016?

  • Shupito is choosy. Networking events if they have great people.

  • Kuan picks coffee because same people at same networking event doesn’t make sense.

  • DuoMoney picks cold coffee, because he doesn’t drink coffee at all.

  • Leansite has never had hot coffee on construction sites anyway, so nothing changes for them if they pick the room temperature one this time as well.

  • Klear doesn’t like to network nor drink coffee. Therefore they’ll just sit in the sandbox and build impactful products.

  • CallPage will go to network.

  • Dropbyke wants to work longer and coffee helps them there.

  • Everrip won’t give a comment.

Hopefully now you’ve got enough information on the teams to make your investment choices! If any of them interest you, please write to us or add us on Twitter/Facebook.

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