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How we manufacture success stories – Incubation at Digital Factory

Digital Factory works with a 3 months long program period and our next batch will start on January 16th, 2016. We have an interesting concept, called “pop-up” incubation meaning we do not have a set location, but we are renting out a new incubation space for every program. Spring ’15 we were at the Google Ground facility at “A Grund”. What we always have:
  • An open space style office – like a co-working space – to stimulate interactions between participants.
  • A nice workstation for you grouped together with your team mates.
  • Stable and fast internet connection.
  • 24/7 access to the office (we do not want to limit your chances to work).
  • Meeting rooms for hosting guest and for team meeting sessions.
  • A workshop/meetup room for events.
  • Nice perks like a small library of business books (50-60 books), great headsets for skyping, etc.

When we accept your application and you sign all the paperwork then you can move in to the incubator start working with us. Our program usually includes the followings (but it is tailored for the need of the batch we are working with so can be different for our next round):

  • Group workshops about the most important (usually business) topics of building your venture.
  • Mentoring sessions with your lead mentor who can spend time with you for up to 2-4 hours / week. Use this time wisely!
  • Speed mentoring events: we invite as many mentors as many teams we have and after a quick pitch by every team to all the mentors they have the chance for 1-on-1 meetings for 10 minutes. After time is up the mentors rotate to talk to an another team, rapid-dating style.
  • Office hours by professionals (legal, accounting, etc.)

The program lasts for 3 months (usually 13 weeks) and the goal is to help you find product-market fit. We believe that the financing and help we provide should be enough to help you get there if you are committed enough. As soon as you feel (and your metrics show) you have found PMF it should be easy to raise the next round to finance the rapid growth phase – or even better bootstrap it from your revenue.

If you need some reinforcement coming from somebody else than me (who obviously thinks we are the best incubator ) here are some of the feedbacks we got from our last batch:

 “We loved that mentors were “from real life”, still building projects, not some theory-only guys” – Pavel Svitek, CTO of Localization Guru. They were one of our international teams from Slovakia but we worked with founders from The Netherlands and Taiwan as well.

“It was great that you have carefully selected the startups: this enabled us to learn from other hard working teams and quality projects, and created healthy environment in the incubator.” – Levente Martos, CEO of AzAutom

“I highlight the emotional support and challenge during the incubation: I feel we were treated with care and understanding as humans when facing challenges during the incubation period, not as machines. We also got necessary ass-kicking to wake up for our own good.” – Wenyi Wu, CEO of PsychAsk

For some further honest opinions about Digital Factory check out the bottom of our homepage for some quotes from the team members of our portfolio. Or we are happy to connect you to any of the companies we have worked with!

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