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Fortnightly summary. The third and fourth week at an accelerator.

Our teams at CEED Tech consortium are in the ‘ludicrous’ mode. This means we’ve all set our targets on insane growth. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

On the third week, teams met a series of  mentors. In some case, they barely have time to really work on the product. It’s because the programs are packed with some of the best minds out there. And they’ve got no time to waste when absorbing this knowledge.

  • In Startup Wise Guys, they had their first mini-event. It focused on the Lean Startup and Sales with Ola Sundell running the first day, followed by Colin Tan, Andrus Purde and some one-on-one mentoring. There’s nothing stopping their growth speed acceleration, now that they’ve re-visited their business models and identified their customer profiles.
  • In Startup Yard, there’s no kidding around. They had four days of mentoring, where teams met 39 mentors. It was all about learning how to handle classic objections and position the product or service.

On the fourth week, things didn’t slow down. Teams might have some time to implement what they’ve learned from the mentors. But mostly it’s just getting more tight in schedule. It’s already one month in and only two more to go, before they should be ready for anything coming at them.

  • In Startup Wise Guys, they believe in starting the week with heavy work and then letting teams test those things out. This week's Speed Mentoring included mentors coming from the US, Spain and Latvia with 16 mentors coming in throughout the first two days.
  • IStartup Yard, they had their fourth week full of mentoring. By this time teams are capable of pre-empting objections and mastering their positioning. Some of the teams have also received their first offers for investments and partnerships.

There’s no kidding around in the CEED Tech consortium. Only hard work! Keep an eye on what happens next in the programs. And don’t miss your chance to co-op with the teams!

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