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Fortnightly summary. The seventh and eighth week at an accelerator.

We’re about to finish our daily activities in the CEED Tech consortium. Some of us have already had their demo days. Some will have them in the forthcoming weeks. Meanwhile, here’s what we’ve been doing:

By the seventh week, teams are actively building their products and implementing their sales knowledge. This means accelerators are focusing on the sales and investments workshops. Meanwhile, they can continue bringing in potential partners for the companies.

  • I​n Digital Factory, teams were focused to get their FIWARE extensions implemented that should be helping them launch their products faster. From Monday to Thursday, they were simply working on their own. And then on Friday, they had a FIWARE hackathon.
  • In Startup Wise Guys, teams were focusing on implementing learnings from the sales workshops. Meanwhile, they had some early investor interaction. Estban members came for a coffee morning, and team’s pitched to them. There was also an interaction with IBM representor talking about Watson.
  • In Startup Yard, had a 3rd week of planned workshops. They focussed on the investment part of startups. Data Protection and Privacy, Pitch Decks and investor teasers, fake meetings, real VCs and valuation. Lots of great material.

On the eighth week, teams focusing more and more on scaling their sales. From better advertising to growth hacking.

  • In Digital Factory, they organised two trainings to improve the product development, teamwork and marketing skills. First, there was some time to focus on the daily activities. And then on Thursday, Balázs László Karafiath came in to talk about Growth hacking your meme. And István Soós taught Product Development - lessons from Google.
  • In Startup Wise Guys, teams had some FIWARE mentoring and focused on sales scaling. They had a Scaling Sales 2-day event with 4 workshops and 1-on-1 mentoring with sales, pricing and marketing mentors.
  • In Startup Yard, they had simply workshops on B2B Sales Basic, Efficient online advertising, growth hacking and how to use Azure (from Microsoft).
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