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Fortnightly summary. The first two weeks at an accelerator.

Work at CEED Tech consortium has started. We’ve met all our exciting teams. They’ve accepted us. Time to enter ‘ludicrous’ mode! But before that! Here’s a recap of the first two weeks.

On the first week, teams are prepared for the forthcoming program. Everybody gets to know one another. It’s accelerators job then to create a culture where teams want to help others. They see how other businesses are being built, learn from it and provide advice and contacts to others when mentors are not around.

It’s also crucial to understand how to take the maximum out of the following weeks. What to expect from various workshops. How to prep for mentor meetings. And how to clean the coffee machine. For many teams, these might be new experiences and it’s our job to go through all of that.

  • In Digital Factory, they had teams settle in before making them attend workshops. But in the second half of the week, Sabie Valner went through the lean startup 101, Imre Hild introduced the idea of fundraising and Olivér Sziller focused on business planning. Also, developers had a day just for them. To understand FIWARE!
  • In OCC Vilnius, teams first learned how to take maximum out of mentor meetings. Then they had a chance to take it into practice by meeting their first set of mentors. They also had two days for legal stuff.
  • In Startup Yard, time wasn’t wasted! They quickly covered management ideas and then jumped straight into mentoring days!

On the second week, teams usually have much more time to focus on building their businesses. At the same time, we’re also able to delve into real action. Provide teams with hardcore workshops and make them meet the mentors.

  • In OCC Vilnius, action was not stopping. They started the week with a technical day, followed by more legal stuff and some great mentoring.
  • In Startup Wise Guys, teams had their first speed mentoring experience. 40-minutes with many great entrepreneurs with various backgrounds. For example, there was Fred Krieger from Scoro and Soren Hejnfelt from Cloutex. They also had a presentation on accounting by KPMG and one-on-one’s with every team by Calum and Erik.
  • In Startup Yard, they went straight into mentoring days. But later that week, there was time to go into management issues, e.g. incorporation and legals. And there was a FIWARE workshop!
Now you know, how we start our programs in CEED Tech. Soon you’ll also be filled in what happens after that. For now, we’ll enter the ‘ludicrous’ mode!
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