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Fortnightly summary. The fifth and sixth week at an accelerator.

Life in the CEED Tech consortium gets more exciting day by day. Teams are selling their products, making demos and competing to grow the fastest. Here’s what we’ve been doing:
By the fifth week, teams have fully refined their growth strategies for moving forward. And those who haven’t launched yet, have a clear path to market. This means accelerators are able to work more on the products. Meanwhile, they can continue bringing in potential partners for the companies.
  • In Startup Yard, teams were getting into deeper conversations with potential investors (both VC and Angels). This was also the last week of mentoring, that included a first pitch training for the teams.
On the sixth week, teams were continuing their work on the presentation. Some were also starting to seek the other markets, such as the UK and the US by travelling there.
  • In Digital Factory, teams continued to work on their presentations skills with the help of Toastmasters Club. They also had some one-to-one mentoring with Imre Hild and Adam Tarcsi, as well as time to work on the business itself and clarify their milestones.
  • In Startup Wise Guys, they also continued with pitching practice, internal sessions and working on the business itself. At the same time, two teams went to the UK for customer meetings and two more were scheduling their visits to the US.
  • In Startup Yard, they started with the first workshops. Those focused on UX/UI, users and financial projections, as well as building landing pages and writing a press release. Teams have also had some strong interest from corporations, who’re starting to test their pilots.
CEED Tech program two is already halfway through. It’s like hunger games around here. Teams are showing great results and investors are showing more and more interest towards teams. It’s time to act now, before it’s too late!
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