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CEED Tech opens 2nd cohort

CEED Tech is proud to announce our second cohort of startups.

CEED Tech 2 is up and running with an exciting and diverse cohort across our five locations. Stay tuned for more details over the coming weeks.

AIRconomist (UK) [SY]

AIRconomist is a mobile platform that finds the fifteen cheapest return flights from the nearest airport.

Boatify (UK/Switzerland) [SY]

Boatify offers stunning boat experiences on shared private boats.

CallPage (Poland) [SWG]

With CallPage’s widget companies get 75% more leads from their web-sites by offering real-time callback in 28 seconds.

ClaimAir (Czech) [SY]

ClaimAir helps travelers to get flight and baggage compensations that are based on a legal basis and paid directly by airlines.

DuoMoney (UK) [SPOT]

Duo Money helps consumers purchase products online for bitcoin, directly from their EURO accounts. No knowledge of bitcoin necessary.

guhIO (Austria) [SPOT]

guhIO shortens time-to-market for IoT-enabled products.The software connects your product to the cloud, an App or to other machines.

Klear (Bulgaria) [SPOT]

A P2P lending platform that helps to get loans to the previously unbanked segment.

Kuan (China, United Kingdom) [SWG]

Kuan Inc.’s a London-Hong Kong based financial technology firm offering peer to peer multi-currency exchange services for businesses.

Leansite (Estonia) [SWG]

Leansite is a simple web-based application for supporting construction site management and providing access to the project data anytime, anywhere.

NeuronAD (UK) [SY]

We can show ads even if Adblock is On.

Neuronsw (UK) [SPOT]

We build and train software which understands audio.

Noveinzeraty (Czech) [SY]

Classified aggregator in EU with additional information about product, price levels. Data source for price arbitrage for retail segment.

OrderBomber (Slovakia) [SPOT]

A food ordering service that implements directly into the restaurants website.

Papaya POS (Slovakia) [SPOT]

Android based mPOS solution for the masses.

Payo Wallet [SPOT]

A loyalty solution for shopping malls that unites all tenants under one scheme.

Publicfast (Ukraine) [SWG]

Publicfast’s the place where brands and influencers get together to create social media projects.

RateChain (Canada, Estonia) [SWG]

RateChain is SaaS for car rental suppliers that provides online access to a global sales network with advanced revenue management tools.

RebelRoam (Estonia) [SWG]

RebelRoam is an internet service provider for the transportation industry.

ResultsOnAir (Estonia) [SWG]

ResultOnAir makes TV advertising measurable and help to ensure better TV campaign performance, so our clients could plan their campaign budgets more effectively (40% or more).

SatisMeter (Czech) [SY]

Improve customer retention, by collecting in-app customer feedback using Net Promoter System.

Shipitwise (Estonia) [SWG]

Shipitwise is a transparent international business shipping for merchants. Request an early order:

Shoozr (Slovakia) [SPOT]

A second screen exprerience, where cosumers can play a game of shooting the right "frame" in an advertisement and win prizes if they succeed.

SmartFareX [SPOT]

A transportation mobile app that allows customers to purchase tickets for public transport in an innovative way.

StepShot (Ukraine) [SWG]

StepShot is a platform for effortless creation of screenshot-based documentation.

Stream+ (UK) [SY]

Run your own TV channel in the form of web and mobile TV apps. Provide a premium TV-like user experience for your premium content.

Teamscope (Estonia) [SWG]

Teamscope relies on big data analytics and advanced machine learning methods to provide you with a visual and interactive insight of your teams.

TotemInteractive (UK) [SY]

TotemInteractive introduces interactive outdoor ads.

Trips2Health (UK) [SY]

Medical travel marketplace.

WolfPrint (Estonia) [SWG]

WolfPrint provides a tailored 3D scanning solution for tourist locations to improve visitor experience.

If any of them interest you, please write us or add us on Twitter/Facebook.
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